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Visit Lindos and its Acropolis

Lindos Rhodes

Lindos village is located about km from Rhodes New marina. It is one of the most famous villages in the island of Rhodes, providing an incredible mix of beaches and history. Lindos is also very picturesque with white houses and two beautiful beaches within walking distance. But In the first place a significant archaeological site, the Acropolis of Lindos.

You should begin your visit with a trip to the ancient Acropolis. Many visitors consider this to be one of the highlights of their visit to the village. It is also a bit of a hike to get to the top, but it worth a visit. Not only will you get to see the ancient acropolis when at the top, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the beautiful view-

Acropolis of Lindos

Above the modern town rises the acropolis of Lindos, a natural citadel which was fortified successively by the Greeks, but also the Romans, the Byzantines, the Knights of St John and the Ottomans. This makes the site tough to interpret archaeologically. The Acropolis has views of the surrounding harbours and coastline. Over there she bears silent witness to Líndos’ glorious past, a major naval power of ancient times. Some scenes of the well-known film, The Guns of Navarone, were filmed here.

Things to see on Acropolis
  • To begin with the Doric Temple of Athena Lindia dating from about 300 BC. It was built on the site of an earlier temple. Inside the temple are the table of offerings and the base of the cult statue of Athena.
  • The Propylaea of the Sanctuary is also dating from the 4th century BC. A monumental staircase leads to a D-shaped stoa and a wall with five-door openings.
  • The Hellenistic stoa with lateral projecting wings is dating from about 200 BC and consisted of 42 columns.
  • The well-known relief of a Rhodian trireme (warship) cut into the rock at the foot of the steps leading to the Acropolis. On the bow stood a statue of General Hagesander, the work of the sculptor Pythokritos.
  • The Hellenistic staircase is leading to the main archaeological area of the Acropolis.
  • Remains of a Roman temple
  • A hellenistic wall is surrounding the Acropolis contemporary with the Propylaea and the stairway leading to the entrance to the site. A Roman inscription says that the wall and square towers were repaired at the expense of Aelius Hagetor, the priest of Athena.
  • The Castle of the Knights of St John was built later sometime before 1317 on the foundations of older Byzantine fortifications. The walls and towers follow the natural conformation of the cliff. A pentagonal tower on the south side commanded the harbour, the settlement and the road from the south of the island. Today one of the towers at the southwest corner and one to the west survive.
  • The Orthodox Church of St John is built on the ruins of a previous church, which may have been made as early as the 6th century. Find more about Lindos Acropolis here.
Sightseeing Lindos

The view of Lindos village with its small whitewashed houses sprawling down the hillside under the Acropolis is one of the most photographed scenes in Greece. The labyrinth of little alleyways was deliberately designed to confuse pirates. Consequently today this layout makes wandering around the town a real adventure!

The old town in the footsteps of the hill is alive with little cafes and restaurants and local produce boutiques. Sightseeing, retail therapy, exploring historical sites, swimming, dining and more await you on your day out. Try to visit some of the medieval captains’ residences built around courtyards. In particular you can admire the stunning interiors with their dramatic ceilings and the patios paved with pebbles. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Virgin Mary of Líndos church in the centre of the village which is full of 15th-century frescoes.

If you want to get some rest, seek for one of the restaurants with a rooftop, located in the area. Particularly the view from there is absolutely worth seeing!

Lindos beach

In conclusion, Saint Paul’s Bay is another essential thing that you must visit while you’re in Lindos. This bay has a small strip of beach on it with plenty of sunbeds that will enable you to enjoy the warm sun. There are also some cafes and tavernas that are located around it, and the bay has some incredible views of the sea. You could easily spend the day here relaxing in the sun!

How to get to Lindos

By organised transfer: We can organise a transfer for your gulet group

By renting a car: The road going to Lindos is good with a lot of signs. Likewise going by private car is the fastest way to get to Lindos apart from the taxi.

By taxi: You can go to Lindos by taxi, but it is quite expensive. (as an example about 60€ from the Marina)

By bus (Ktel): Otherwise you can get the bus to Lindos from Rhodes town, it is quite cheap, but it takes a lot of time because it makes a lot of stops on the way.