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Sightseeing Old town of Rhodes

Old Town of Rhodes
The old town of Rhodes is a picturesque city with small alleys and traditional buildings. UNESCO declared it as World Heritage Site. It is considered the most significant and best preserved fortified town in Europe. You will see spread around the town buildings from the Hellenistic, Ottoman, Byzantine and Italian period.
 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in old Rhodes Town
  • 1 Palace of the Grand Masters.
  • 2 Town Walls.
  • 3 Archaeological Museum (Hospital of the Knights)
  • 4 Street of the Knights.
  • 5 Süleyman Mosque
  • 6 Modern Greek Art Museum.
  • 7 Mandraki Harbor and Commercial Harbor
  • 8 New Town

Thick, stone walls surround the Old Town of Rhodes.  In particular, you can walk around admiring the Medieval Town from a different perspective. The Medieval City had seven Gates. The St Catherine’s Gate (or Marine Gate) was the main gate of the town. The D’Amboise Gate is the most impressive gate. Next are St Anthony’s Gate, The St John’s Gate, The Apostle Paul Gate, The St Athanasius Gate and the Port or Mills Gate.

The Upper Town is considered an excellent example of Gothic architecture, in particular, you can admire the Street of the Knights. The Lower Town features embellishments such as mosques and public baths that were added by the Ottomans. Sightseeing by foot it is the best way to explore this gems.

Palace of the Grand Master was once the magnificent headquarters of the Order of the Knights of St John. Its spacious halls are opulent with medieval decoration.  Italian restorers recreate them, including columns, capitals and Hellenistic, Roman and Early Christian mosaic floors. As an example the famous mosaic about the Europa which the Italians themselves brought in from Kos island.

Located at the centre of the Medieval Town, right by the famous Street of the Knights you will find the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes. The former Hospital of the Knights hosts today exhibits of significant collections of findings.

Shopping in Rhodes town

Old Town Rhodes offers excellent opportunities for shopping. Many stores are lining the streets where you can find anything you can imagine. Mainly lots of souvenirs, ethnic wares, ceramics, trendy clothes classic and contemporary gold jewellery, ceramics, carpets, antiques and more. The variety of goods and services is genuinely inexhaustible and will attract even the most demanding buyer.

Central Aristotelous and Sokratous streets and all the streets around the Ippokratous square are the heart of shopping in the Old town. Rhodes old town narrow walkways are full of fragrances, colours and sounds, but also crowds. Consequently, the shops in the Old Town stay open until late at night.

The new town is also a key hub for shoppers, with a wide variety of most popular brand names, tourist and other essential outlets. Here you can find almost anything you want: like Mango and M&S, and designer stores such as Versace and Armani in the Ekato Magsia area.

In the town they work more regular hours and are open from 9 am to 1.30 p.m., then it’s home for a siesta and open again about 5.00 p.m. till 9.00 p.m.