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Kalymnos island destination guide

Kalymnos islands Pothia

Kalymnos  also called Sponge divers island is a traditional Greek islet in the North Dodecanese. This island is included in North Dodecanese gulet cruise. Kalymnos lies between Kos and Leros islands and the small islands of Pserimos, Kalolimnos and also Telendos. With a length of 21 km and the least width of 12 km, about is mainly mountainous with the irregular coast and many sheltered bays.

Kalymnos has many visitors every year but is a relatively off-the-beaten-track destination in Greece. The first reason the tourist visit this islands is the rock climbing or hiking. The island’s offer over 2,000 climbing routes for all levels. The second reason is nautical tourism; Kalymnos is popular for gulet and sailing yachts.

When arriving at Kalymnos direct from Turkey, you’ll likely dock at Pothia harbour, the island’s capital town. After customs formalities, you can visit Pothia town. When coming on Kalymnos by gulet cruise, your tile will be limited; most of our guest have a walk down the harbour, a coffee in one of the seaside restaurants and a visit to sea sponge shop.

If you are sailing on Greek gulet or you enter Greece from Turkey via other port, you can skip Pothia. This islands has many bays, coves, small sea-side villages where to spend a great time on gulets.

Things to do on Kalymnos island

Pothia, the main port and capital of Kalymnos is a very lively town, always crowded with local people. An exciting and authentic Greek city, far from classical tourism where you can meet the real Greek spirit. The most famous street is the harbour front ) which has a dramatic setting in a natural amphitheatre, many lovely cafeterias, restaurant and some shops.

If you are arriving on Kalymnos in the morning, you can visit Agios Savvas Monastery on top of the mountain. This very peaceful and spiritual holy place is beautiful, and the view over the island is impressive. You can reach the Monastery by taxi and return downhill walking.

But most touristic part of Kalymnos is the western part. In Massouri and Myrties are located most of the hotels and best spots for “international nightlife”. From here you can see the best sunset.

Unofortnatteluy you can not visit this part of the island by gulets. The waters are to shallow and the currents strong. The captain can not navigate this part of the islands. But there are many other villages and bays to visit by gulets.

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