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Visit Kos island

Depends on the time you want to dedicate to visit Kos island, you can decide for half day or whole day tour. We can also offer an organised historical or naturalistic excursions with local guides.

Half day itinerary 4-5 hours

As an example itinerary, you can first visit Asklepion archaeological site. From the centre, you follow the indications to Platani village known as Turkish village. For the most part, the local community is prevalent of Turkish people. Platani also has a lovely square with typical restaurants and cafes; therefore is ideal for a first stop before the visit to the archaeological site located 1 km further.

You can begin with the visit to The International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos. This foundation was created in 1960 to honour the father of medicine Hippocrates.  Therefore the place is very informative with an excellent display of exhibits and information about various medical inventions of Hippocrates. The Hippocratic gardens are located just behind the museum and contain an astounding number of plants also used for medicinal purposes.

Second is Asklepion of Kos stunning in a beautiful location and steeped in some great history. In ancient Greece, an Asklepeion was a healing temple, sacred to the god Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine. Consequently, these healing temples were a place where patients would visit to receive either treatment or some sort of healing.

After Asklepion you can eventually follow so-called “mountain road “leading up to Zia traditional village. This panoramic road offers fantastic views over the nearby islands and also the coast of  Turkey. Zia village is built and decorated in a classic Greek style. Accordingly you will find here plenty of shops offering natural products like honey, soap and syrup and famous souvenirs. Zia is also renowned for its amazing sunset and breathtaking views of the whole island.

From Zia you can take the road down to Tigaki beach for a swim and then back via seaside road to Kos town.

Whole Day itinerary 6-8 hours

For the first part of the visit, Kos Island itinerary follow Half day itinerary till Zia.

From Zia you take a road to Pyli, one of the oldest traditional villages on the island. Local village with stone houses and a little gardens with lemon trees and plants of Basil. Not to be missed water spring of Pyli  located in the center of the village, next to the St. Nicholaus church. Eventually you can fill your bottles with fresh, drinking water that gushes from six spouts.

From Pyli you take the main road direction airport. On the way, you can visit Antimachia castle, a vast fortress where you can freely explore the site and discover the history within.  Antimachia village in the agricultural hinterland is a quiet place with a traditional house and its windmill.

Following the road from the airport to Kefalos is located Plaka Forrest. This wooded area provides a welcome break from the sun and shelter for peacocks, frogs, toads, freshwater turtles and cats.

Kos beaches

South of the airport, in direction Kefalos are located the best beaches of Kos. Some of the famous ones are; beautiful  Chrisi Akti, Polemi, Marcos, Xerokampos and Laggades. But above all is a must Paradise beach or Camel beach. Do not miss the early Christian basilicas of Aghios Stefanos on Kamari Beach. There are preserved parts of the mosaic decoration as well as remnants of the sculptural decoration of the churches.

In short distance across, quite close to the coast, there is the islet of Kastri. The small church of Aghios Nicolaos, the protector of seamen and also one of the symbols of the island.

Kefalos village is built-up on the hill with the houses clung one to another. Its narrow streets, quite characteristic features of the architecture of the islands makes strolling around an exciting and fascinating experience.