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Leros island destination guide

Leros island

Leros island is a traditional Greek islet in the North Dodecanese. This island is a must when cruising North Dodecanese by gulets. Leros lies between Lipsi, Patmos and Kalymnos islands and the small islands of Agia Kyriaki and Farmakos. With a length of 15 km and the least width of 2 km about is a lace of small bays and shawls ideal for swimming, diving and fishing.

The locals describe their island as unusual island, a bit different from the neighbours. Leros is rare but in a good way. It has everything we all want from a Greek island – coasts, fishing villages, excellent local tavernas, historical sites, but It has mostly slipped under the holiday locator. Even if you spend only a day here, you will feel the difference. Just by sipping ouzo at a local seaside tavern in Padelli.

On Leros island are two main Ports; the biggest one is Lakki known as the biggest natural port in the Dodecanese. The smaller, but busier one is  Agia Marina in the middle of the islands. When you are coming on Leros with gulets the captain will anchor at the bay of Pandelli. This is the best sport on the island for yachts. Here you can enjoy swimming from the boat, visit some nearby spots or enjoy the view over the Castle.

Or in case you are coming directly from Turkey, you will first enter Aghia Marina harbour for custom check-in.

Things to do on Leros island

From Pandelli bay there are fantastic walks all over the island. On foot is often the best way to learn about the local life, enjoy the architecture and find out hidden spots.

Most of the gulet cruisers decide to visit Pandelli Castle before sunset. Castle itself is great, even many parts of the inside are ruin or rebuild, there are numerous walls, towers and levels which make it worth of visiting. But at sunset time it is closed, so if you really want to visit the site, you will have to arrange a visit in morning hours.

Sunset time is perfect because of the view. From the top you  can see all over Leros bays, even Patmos , Lipsi and Kalymnos island.

You can get to the top either by taxi via the asphalt road that rises from Pandeli. Or on foot, if you follow roughly 500 steps down from the settlement. To walk uphill It’s quite a challenge, but well worth it for those who are able. If you are not fit, we suggest to take a taxi to reach the top and then return by food.

Pandelli beach is very picturesque, certainly at night when the castle overlooking the bay is illuminated.  This is a small bay with sandy beach and clear blue sea, surrounded by tavernas, and island’s castle and windmills overlooking ontop the hills. Small shops around, souvenirs and a beautiful beach in front will keep you wake for a long time, while you can enjoy a drink at local tavern. You will love overnight on Leros, for sure.

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