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Lipsi island destination guide

lipsi island

Lipsi island is located in the southeastern Aegean about 11 miles from Patmos. Actually, this is an archipelago on small islands.  Around the main island are spread 37 islets make up an impressive island group ideal for nautical tourism. Some of this islands are only a small rock, only 3 of them are more significant than 1 square kilometre.

About 7 km long and 2 km wide, Lipsi has a population of 700 people living here all year. In the summer attract tourist looking for peaceful holidays, crystal clear waters and fresh fish.

Other islands of Archipelagos are Arki island with the population of about 50 people. And Marathi where only two families are living. These islands are inhabited big rocks, but with beautiful sea waters like Makronissi and Aspronissi.

The dazzling colours and traditional atmosphere extend to these lesser-known destinations, which boast beautiful places to visit. Locals will tell you this small island got its name because this is where the beautiful nymph Calypso detained Odysseus. He was delaying his trip home to Ithaka, and his wife Penelope, by several years.

Lipsi town

When arriving with your gulet on Lipsi island, you will approach its well-protected harbour. You will find the port of Lipsi charming and tranquil with many attractive places to eat, especially in the summer months. Life is running slowly here, and so you will.

There are also some good walks in the surrounding countryside. Town beach Lindou is just around the corner but the best’ beach, Platos Gialos is about 40 min walk from the town. If you are more interested in sightseeing, there is a beautiful church dedicated to Agios Nicholas located about 20 min walk from Lindou beach.

The back streets of Lipsi which came alive at night. Some lovely shops sell local products, and there are some excellent restaurants where to have a meal.

Panagia tou Harou, the main church facing the harbour get the name after the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary who holds the crucified Christ in her arms.

Since 1943 the church has been renowned for what is known as the miracle of the lilies. It all began in April 1943, when the local people had placed in front of the icon some white lilies. A few weeks later the flowers, which had withered and died, suddenly began to revive and put forth buds. By the time of the festival of the Virgin on August 23 the buds had blossomed into full-grown lilies, just as if it were April again. Locals people are celebrating the feast of the Virgin on August 23rd. Festivities are going on all day and night at the squares of the village with traditional music and dances.

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