Gulet Charter In Greece, Italy and Turkey

Dodecanese Greek Islands with Turkish gulets

Most of the Dodecanese Greek islands turkish gulet gulets that we propose for cruising Dodecanese Islands are registered under the Turkish flag. These gulets are based in Bodrum or Marmaris and may embark on Kos or Rhodes island. Sailing Dodecanese Greek Islands with Turkish gulets is a good choise as wide range of gulets are available for sailing in Greek waters.


The advantages of chartering a gulet under the Turkish flag are:

– Wide choice of vessels
– Prices for weekly charters are lower compared to same category gulets registered in Greece or E.U.

There are, however, some limitations and expenses you should consider in advance, despite this, chartering Turkish gulet in Dodecanese is still the most affordable gulet charter.

Rhode Island By chartering a gulet under Turkish flag to sail in Greece it allows you to freely decide the route of the Greek Dodecanese Islands North or South and stop on the islands as long as you like; the only rule that must be taken into account and that your agent will inform you about is that your Turkish gulet will have to go through at least one port in Turkey during the cruise or embarkation or disembarkation.

For this reason, it is best to plan the embarkation or disembarkation in Greece or Turkey or vice versa; or a route that involves 1-2 days of sailing along the Turkish coast.

For navigation in the Greek islands there is an extra transit log fee that ranges from € 800 € -1,200 per boat / week. If you sail only in Turkey you do not pay this “tax”, you only pay for a place in marina if you decide to dock for the night.

Transit log for navigation in Greece is mandatory because your gulet must register and check -in in another country. If you decide to enter the ports/marinas or not will not make a big difference in costs.
To cover the costs of the transit log is requested an amount of € 1,000 to be given to the captain, he will take care of all the documentation during the cruise and at the end of the week we will present the receipts of the ports and returned the possible extras.

Your agent will give you detailed information’s needed to plan the best route, visiting the best places and the most beautiful bays. We must always keep in mind that the weather can affect your plans and force the captain to reverse the route.