Gulet Charter In Greece and Turkey

Cabin charter gulet on Greek Islands

Let’s see what the itineraries available for your next gulet holiday are
Cabin charter gulet Greek Islands of South Dodecanese from Rhodes

If you are interested in sailing only the Greek island, here, you can find detail about Cabin charter gulet cruise from Rhodes. This itinerary is sailing the Greek Islands of South Dodecanese. The highlights of this cruise are two full days on Symi island. You will love it because of its numerous bays and all shades of blue sea water. Apart from the bays, Symi town is lovely with coloured houses and seaside fish restaurants. Next stops on your gullet cruise will be tranquil Tilos island. Moreover, at last, you will have the opportunity to visit Chalki island. Here you can admire similar architecture as on Symi in an unpretentious setting. You will spend the last day visiting some bays on Rhodes island as well.

This cabin charter itinerary is operating with Greek-flagged superior gulets. Together with a Full board and all-inclusive local drinks included in the price, this is an excellent cruise in Greece.

Cabin charter gulet Greek Islands from Bodrum

At present, in Greece are not available so many gulets. For this reason, many Dodecanese Greek islands cruises are departing from Turkey. You can decide to cruise South or North Dodecanese starting from Bodrum port.

For example, North Dodecanese itinerary is sailing beautiful islands like Patmos. For sure you’ve heard about it because of the Monastery and the Cave of Apocalypse. Not to forget the beautiful Lipsi island or rocky Leros island. You will love Kalymnos island capital city with its seaside cafeterias. Of course, there will be lots of relaxing swimming on the way.

On the contrary, the South Dodecanese cabin charter cruise visits Kos islands famous for its history and vibrant nightlife. You probably will fascinating Nisiros island with its dormant volcano. On Symi island, you will enjoy the traditional coloured architecture. And finally, you will anchor at the famous harbour of Rhodes island. After visiting Greek islands, your gulet will cruise back in Turkey. Here you will have the opportunity to adore a small touristic Datca town and Knidos ancient site.

You will find several gulets cruising in Dodecanese. So, you can choose the itinerary that spends more time visiting islands. Alternatively, you prefer to spend more time swimming in coves and bays.
Dodecanese islands cruises are operating both with standard or superior gulets.

Cabin charter gulet Greek Islands from Mykonos

Also this itinerary is sailing only in Greece. Cyclades islands are very popular, and we receive lots of requests for this area. Unfortunately, the weather conditions on the Cyclades are not so suitable for gulet cruises. For his reason, gulets are sailing here only in low season. Becuse the mounts of July and August are too windy for this kind of boats. As well, the prices for gulet cruises are higher compared to Turkey.

On Mykonos gulet cruise you will visit some of so-called highlights islands in Greece. To mention Santorini island where you can admire the sunset over the caldera. Paros and Naxos, you will love them both because of their charming harbours. Not to Forget Small Cyclades where You can expect lots of swimming in crystal clear waters.

Ionian islands cabin gulet cruises

Cabin charter gulet cruise from Messolongi is sailing untouched Ionian islands. Mountains, sand, sun and sea, this is the Ionian! This itinerary offer different scenarios from other gulet itineraries. Compared to Cyclades or Dodecanese, you will find this islands green with different architectural style and traditions. Your gulet will sail Kefalonia, Itaka, Kalamos,  Kastos islands and also Lefkada island. In the first place Itinerary focuses mainly on coves, small ports and islands in the area, out of big tourist places.

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