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Wifi internet on Gulets – Internet Access on gulet cruise

Wifi internet on Gulets is possible for almost all luxury and extra luxury gulets sailing national waters. On request, we can provide it also on superior and standard class yachts cruising near shore and off.

When cruising in Turkey Wi fi internet on Gulets is provided from different mobile sources in Turkey. While when sailing in Greece or Italy you will have to use a different device supplied from Greek mobile providers.

Most of the Wifi internet on Gulets is via Mobile Wi-Fi rechargeable routers that converts the cellular Internet signal into a pocket of Wi-Fi providing a good connection for 4-6 users on one. The devices on board come with a SIM and start-up data to get you going. You will find it easy to recharge when you need more data. Some gulets may have unlimited bandwidth usage or another limited usage.

If internet connection during your gulet cruise is really important for you, please let us know and we will provide details about selected gulet Wi fi internet Access On Board.

Wi fi internet on Gulets
Wi fi internet on Gulets
 Wi fi internet on Gulets limitations

Keep in mind that there may be limitations due to the provider, the area in where you are located at the time – at sea, and the type of package the boat owner has purchased. Mobile coverage while travelling on the sea is spotty with proper coverages near all the major ports, but not always in remote bays or during the navigation.

Speeds the quality of the connection may vary depending on service area, you may always experience slower speeds or connection loss depending on the network.

In alternative; most of the Harbours on Greek islands or along the coast of Italy and in Turkey offer Wi-fi connection.  Cafeterias or restaurants with free WiFi can be found on any Greek Islands or along the Turkish coast.

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