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Gulet winter maintenance

Gulet winter maintenance starts at the end of November when yacht chartering season comes to an end completely in all region. The weather starts getting colder and rainy. Rain season between December to February is very stormy and the sea can be very wavy therefore all gulets need a shelter and home for this harsh period. A few gulet anchors in sheltered bays for the winter season which is not a good option since the Gulets may need many repairing and maintenance work afterwards.

To maintain a gulet in a seaworthy state and complete readiness, more comprehensive maintenance is required. During the winter time our crew do jobs like: engine’s overhaul, lift out works, pumps and A/C servicing, teak deck replacing, interior reconstruction and installation of new systems (e.g. sewage tank, plumbing, electronics). In general the winter maintenance includes painting the gulet outside and inside, cabins , toilets are polished. Then the Gulet is lifted back to the water before their yacht charter period starts, approximately at the end of March. Rest of the work is continued on water

Dependes on gulets state, sometimes the owner decide for complete refit to upgrade some aspect of the gulet. The best way to keep Gulets secured and well-maintained is to lift it in a proper shipyard in South part of Turkey. There are not many varieties of shipyards in the area but it is enough for the moment. If you own a gulet and you need a professional Gulet winter maintenance or your are interested in building a gulet contact ur for more details.

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